Petition – Eliminate Human Trafficking

Petition – Eliminate Human Trafficking

The Canadian Government is working in conjunction with the United Nations to eliminate Human Trafficking. However there are many victims still being smuggled over the border into Canada and held against their will. It is still a growing problem here. Human Trafficking has been dubbed “Modern Day Slavery” by the United Nations; it is a fast growing industry world-wide. Former U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, stated that Human Trafficking mainly affects women and girls. Most of these trafficked victims are under 18 years of age, and are typically poor, and vulnerable to exploitation. The traffickers lure their victims with false promises of work to help their families. Most often, the victims are removed from their countries and placed in strange new surroundings where they have no knowledge of how to escape their situation with the pimps or organized crime organizations. The victims are beaten and brutalized to prevent them from leaving.

Former Secretary of State Clinton spoke about a young child at a rescue center who had been sold to a brothel and maimed by her captor because she would fight back to prevent the inevitable sexual assaults. The brothel owner stabbed her in the eye to stop her from fighting back. This little girl and so many other children experience severe abuse and they need our help today to get out of their horrible situation.

Human Trafficking needs to be stopped now as it is poisoning our Country, Global Society, and the many victims fallen to this crime. When we allow sex ads to recruit customers and perpetuate the need for sex slaves, we are allowing the criminals to have access to these defenseless women and children. Massage Parlors are typically run by organized criminals. Our government needs to ban the advertisements that make the laws that allows the operations of such businesses successful, as they pose a threat to innocent victims of trafficking.

Honourable Peter Gordon MacKay
Attorney General of CanadaAndHonourable Robert Nicholson
Minisiter of Foreign Affairs

Dear Ministers,

I am writing on behalf of the thousands of women and children who are being trafficked yearly throughout Canada and particularly Vancouver, British Columbia. Since Vancouver is a major port of entry from Asia, many victims are trafficked into Vancouver from the Philippines and Thailand. The United Nations on Human Trafficking has warned the Canadian Government regarding this problem. While we remain mindful of this horrible circumstance, many of these victims are still being sold into prostitution and are defenseless against their perpetrators. These victims are faced with life and death decisions if they don’t comply with the pimps that force them to participate in criminal activities.

I am asking that the Canadian Government take the necessary steps to ensure that these countries tighten up their borders and prosecute the criminals who smuggle and exploit innocent women and children. Should these countries not comply with issued warnings, the next step to take is to impose sanctions on these countries.

In addition, I am concerned that online erotic websites and newspaper listings of adult classified are a breeding ground for these criminal activities to continue. Since erotic ads are not illegal, trafficked women and children are sold into prostitution and are forced to work in these organizations. If our government bans these ads from the public, the criminals will lose business.

If all these countries continue to loosely monitor their borders and erotic listings are legally permitted, many women and children will continue to lose their lives to violence. I urge you to help Canada break this legacy of abuse.

Thank you

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