Health and Dental Plan

Health and Dental Plan

Health and Dental Plan

The LSU Health & Dental Plan is extended health and dental coverage, designed specifically for students to cover expenses not covered by basic provincial healthcare plans. The Plan was proposed in a student referendum in April 2005 and received overwhelming support- over 88% of students voted in favor!

Since then, our plan has provided post-secondary students at Langara with the much-needed health & dental coverage with our membership growing steadily and taking part in this affordable coverage. Pacific Blue Cross is the insurance provider company for our extended health care coverage.

Who is covered?

All students who are members of the LSU are automatically covered by the LSU Health & Dental Plan, including international students, part-time students, sponsored students, and students starting their study year in either September or January.

The LSU Health & Dental Plan includes benefits for:

  • prescription drugs
  • vaccinations
  • health coverage
  • vision care coverage
  • travel coverage
  • dental coverage
  • Empower Me (mental health initiative)
  • legal essentials

The Health & Dental Plan now includes Empower Me, a mental health add-on that is a confidential 24/7 counseling helpline. It can be easily accessed and is multilingual, inclusive of gender and faith with qualified counselors to offer support around areas of pressure & stress, addictions, nutrition, relationships & family, emotional, financial, and emotional issues. Members can access the helpline toll-free by calling 1-844-741-6389.

Established through a referendum in 2022, LSU provides its members with access to Legal Services. Through a partner law firm, most full-time and part-time students registered for the Fall or Spring Semester who are LSU members have access to a legal consultation service to consult a duly certified lawyer regarding any legal question. Students can also seek legal representation within their province of study when their case qualifies for further counsel.

The legal consultation service provides quick access to legal counseling on any area of law, including immigration law. It offers these features:•    Legal opinions               •    Legal research•    Advice on legal documents and contracts       •    Interpretation of applicable laws for each case•    Development of a strategy•    Sharing general information of a legal nature    •    Follow-ups by the partner law firm•    Personalized and individualized case management

If a student’s case qualifies, legal representation will be provided on the housing, employment, and academic disputes. A lawyer will take charge of proceedings related to these 3 areas of law.

For more information on this service, and how to access legal support, please visit this link.

Visit for a complete list of benefits and the amount of coverage.
The policy year runs from September 1st to August 31st of each year. New students attending in the January spring semester will now be automatically enrolled in the health and dental plan whether they are full-time or part-time.

What if I already have health and dental coverage?

If you are covered by another extended health and/or dental plan (i.e. parent or spouse’s employee plan, not BC MSP), you can combine both plans to maximize your overall coverage and reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs. Alternatively, if you’re covered by another private health and/or dental plan, you can opt-out of the LSU Health Plan or the LSU Dental Plan, or both during the change-of-coverage period and receive a refund for the Plan.

Students are automatically re-enrolled each year unless the student has chosen to opt-out permanently. All opt-outs must be completed within the Change-of-Coverage Period (see below). You will be asked to provide proof of equivalent coverage – a copy of a certificate or letter from the plan sponsor (e.g. employer). Your proof of coverage can be submitted electronically or mailed before the deadline. You can opt-out online at

Change-of-Coverage Period

The Change-of-Coverage Period is the given period at the beginning of the semester when you can either opt-out or enroll your spouse and/or dependents in the LSU Health & Dental Plan. All enrollments and opt-outs must be completed within the first three weeks of the Fall semester. The fall 2023 coverage period is Sept 1-22, 2023, and the Spring 2024 coverage period is Jan 2-23, 2024. New students attending in the January spring semester will now be automatically enrolled in the health and dental plan whether they are full-time or part-time.

Blackout Period

Claims processing is delayed during the first two months of the Fall semester as StudentCare waits for complete enrollment lists after opt-outs and enrollments have been processed. During this time, you can mail your claims, but they will not be processed until the Blackout Period ends. Students may also hold their claims until the end of the Blackout Period as practitioners and pharmacists can’t accept Pay Direct or assignment of benefits during this time.

For any information pertaining to the Health & Dental plan, please drop by our reception desk or Click here



Have More Questions?

Everything you need to know about your coverage can be found by browsing StudentCare’s website or by giving them a call: 1 866 369-8796 TAKE GOOD CARE

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