Whether you are passionate for getting involved to fight an issue, take a stand for a cause, or want to expand your social life on campus, joining a committee is a great way to go! There a numerous committees which operate making way for students to get involved and broaden their horizons. Committees are chaired by a governing student body executive and meet as per schedule. To be an official member (to make any decisions that affect the finances of that committee) of any committee, you must have attended three consecutive meetings of that committee. Participants can expect to get a minimum of 10 hours per month in volunteer work. They must be members of Langara College in good academic standing, comply with the policies and by-laws of the Langara Students’ Union, adhere to and work respectfully with student body executives, and possess a team player attitude.

Aboriginal Students Committee

This committee works on and brings issues to light and works on problems the Aboriginal community faces. It uses the David Parson Gathering Space in the students’ as well in which students with Aboriginal ancestry can come and use as a collective community space. This committee meets monthly

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Awareness Committee

This committee is a sub committee which comes under the Member Relations Committee. It promotes Students’ Union events and activities and encourages student involvement on the LSU’s various committees and at events. This committee meets weekly.

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Electoral Committee

The elections process is designed to ensure fairness and effectiveness and to operate in a respectful democratic manner. Elections are governed by the Electoral Committee and the Chief Returning Officer oversees the election process to ensure impartiality and fairness in a democratic manner.

There are limited spaces available to join the Elections Committee and all interested students are encouraged to email their resume and class schedule before the fall semester starts to the Chief Returning Officer who can be reached at

Eligible Students for the Elections Committee must meet the following criteria and:

  1. Be a member of LSU in good standing
  2. Must not be students who are running in the current elections.
  3. Have no affiliation with the candidates.
  4. Have submitted a resume and official Langara Class Schedule
  5. Have no conflict of interest
  6. Available for all electoral event and meetings including ballot counting
  7. Must comply with all electoral policies and LSU Bylaws
  8. Must be willing to perform all electoral duties outlined by the CRO as necessary for the successful conclusion of a fair and democratic election.

This committee meets weekly and as required during the elections time period or as needed.

Please refer to Policy No.:  B2025 for the ELECTORAL COMMITTEE TERMS OF REFERENCE.

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International Community Development Committee (ICDC)

This committee, also known as ICDC, is committed to helping destitute communities around the world. Through our bridging relationships with reputable aid organizations, we help poor communities outside of Canada take back their dignity and respect. A small portion of student fees goes towards supporting ICDC initiatives. It chooses to support international impoverished communities in crisis affected by political unrest, famine, diseases, and/or natural disasters. By getting involved, we can work towards a better world.
This committee meets bi-weekly.

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Students’ Issues Action Committee (SIAC)

The Students’ Issues Action Committee functions as an extension of the LSU Council to work on issues that directly affect students’ abilities to obtain a post-secondary education. Barriers to education include rising tuition costs, increased ancillary fees (extra course fees that not covered under tuition fees), lack of affordable housing, textbook costs, etc.

SIAC members work on campaigns to protect students’ interests on campus as well as in the larger environment. SIAC members work closely with other post-secondary student organizations to lobby provincial and federal governments to promote lower tuition fees, demand an affordable housing strategy, and increasing grant funding at the provincial and federal levels of government.

SIAC works closely with the LSU Board & Council in one ‘voice’ for its student members. It meets twice a month to plan and strategize on behalf of the student membership, and reports to Council so that they can provide additional support and input.
This committee meets bi-weekly.

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International Students’ Committee

The International Committee organizes year-round cultural activities and special events designed to celebrate and promote community spirit on campus. We liven up the Students’ Union lounges with performances, music, and food, and hands on activities that highlight the cultural diversity of our campus. Some of the events we host include, Vaisakhi, Lunar New Year, Diwali, and Christmas. While some events are a cultural expression of our diversity, while others focus on issues that can affect or are shared by all.

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United People Of Colour (UPOC) Committee

The United People of Color Committee (aka UPOC) is composed of unmistakable students of color who attend Langara College. The Committee meets bi-weekly to discuss a variety of topics such as discrimination, systemic racism, offering support to students and network with external organizations for people of color, developing campaigns to bring awareness, and plan events to celebrate cultural events.
In addition, it also aims at building a strong unified group willing to bridge gaps between their cultures and celebrate the accomplishments of their cultures.
This committee meets monthly.

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Member Relations Committee

This committee is an umbrella committee which oversees the following sub committees; Special Events Committee, Awareness Committee and Hosting and Planning Committee. This committee is always on its feet and organizes events and activities on campus throughout the year. From annual LSU events to seasonal celebrations and everything in between, the special events committee brings to you all the fun. This committee meets weekly and bi-weekly.

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Women’s Committee

The Women’s Committee exists to advocate for women’s social, economic, and political rights on campus and as it intersects with the wider community. This is a women’s only committee to allow women to speak on their own behalf for issues that affect them directly. This committee functions to plan for and organize events throughout the year. Some past activities hosted by the Women’s Committee include clothing drives for less-fortunate women in the Lower Mainland, information sessions on women-focused topics, showing movies that addressed topics that concerned women’s rights in a variety of contexts.

Significantly important to the Women’s Committee is the date of March 8th, which has been recognized by the United Nations as International Women’s Day. Every year, the Women’s Committee proudly hosts International Women’s Day at the LSU by celebrating women’s achievements and highlighting the significance of feminism.
This committee meets monthly.

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Queer Committee

The Queer Committee exists on campus to promote visibility and address issues affecting the LGBTQ2S community on campus. From working with the College to create gender inclusive washrooms, to organizing social events that reflect the diversity of Langara’s queer community. This committee exists to promote a better understanding of the many facets of queer identity and culture. Whether you are interested in organizing an event or activity to promote queer visibility on campus, are an ally to the LGBTQ2S community and would like to be part of an activity, you are welcome to join the Queer Committee.Come meet with current and new friends to create a more inclusive campus with and for the queer community.
This committee meets monthly and as required.

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Special Events Committee

This committee is always on its feet and organizes events and activities on campus throughout the year. From annual LSU events to seasonal celebrations and everything in between, the special events committee brings to you all the fun. It puts together many activities and events to give students break from the daily grind of school and puts fun into on-campus life. and This committee organizes Students’ Union – led events that are informative, interactive, and entertaining, and fun! Our events include and are not limited to Welcome Day, Halloween, Lunar New Year, Diwali, St. Patrick’s Day, Graduation Reception, our Summer BBQ and lots more! Every year we bring a variety of different and exciting events.

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Environmental Committee

This green committee implements and promotes activities, events, and advocative action regarding the environment, weather, environmental practices and sustainability. Its mandate is to organize environmental awareness happenings and nature stewardship on campus. It also oversees the Bike Repair Shop as an effective step in its part to committing to a greener campus by promoting cycling to school and helping students to maintain their bicycles to uphold that cause. This committee meets monthly.

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